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@PabloS wrote:

I just saw this garage door topic thread and thought I join in.

The idea of using a spare garage door transmitter to control my two garage doors seems to be the less complicated.

Since the OSPi system drives solenoids for the sprinkler valves, and the solenoids I use are less than $10 at Home Depot, how hard do you think it would be to build a mount so that a solenoid plunger could push a transmitter button? The plunger on the Hunter solenoids I use don’t have much movement and they move inward not outward. Does anyone know of any 24Vac solenoids that “push” outward and have at least a 1/4 to 3/4 inch movement?

It might be fun to build this as a project. 8^)

I think all of the solenoids designed for automated sprinkler valves pull in when powered. A better way would be to get a relay that could handle the 24VAC (on the actuator side) and wire the switched side in parallel with the pushbutton. Usually, the pushbuttons have screw terminals inside that connect to the control wire for the garage door opener. It would be simple to just add two additional wires to those terminals that connect to the contacts of the relay(s).