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So I see four parts to this:

Wiring / connection to the garage door opener buttons. We just need to find a suitable 24VAC NO relay – should be easy
Open / close software control . This is basically done already since we’re just using an existing station – so it’s already built into the software.
(Optional) Garage door sensor – It would be easy to add a contact sensor to a garage door for someone who is a little handy. Connecting it to the OpenSprinkler might be a different story (not sure what’s available on the board). Also we’d likely need room for at least two sensors since many people have 2 or more garage doors.
(Optional) Software update to allow us to query the status of the door – Again, should be doable if the OS board can be connected to a sensor – but this definately isn’t my area of expertise.

I haven’t even received my OS Pi yet (should be here this week), so I won’t be able to tinker with any of this for a while. I’m considering handling the door-status sensing with my alarm system, but it would be so much easier if the OS could just handle everything via HTTP commands.