Hi Dan,

Just to be clear:
– I was indeed following those exact instructions. I had updated my setup to 2.0.x last fall with the proper git clone.
– I did nothing more than a git pull, and everything went to hell as zkab noted above. I had not modified any files directly myself.
– Like zkab, I keep my OSPi up to date with the latest updates and the latest Wheezy updates. This problem did not happen until this Spring, when I pulled a new version of OSPi
– I have logging DISABLED, I don’t even use that option
– Recommending that I do a full replace of the SD card every so often is insane. That doesn’t even make sense if I have logging OFF.

I have tried a clean git clone but it hasn’t addressed the sshd going down randomly after 1 week or so. It must also take out httpd as well, since I can’t use the web app or get mobile app to connect either.