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a) I need to open the box to install a 2GB microsd to activate the log ? Not sure if I’ve seen instruction on how to open the box and am afraid of ruining it 🙂 The bottom of the OS box is screwed to my larger waterproof box. Help please 🙂

There are four screws at the back of the controller. Just unscrew them and you can open the box. If you’ve mounted it to your waterproof box, you need to unmount it first, in order to access the back of the controller.

b) I’ve ordered those little blue blobs to protect from lightning. Instructions on how to use them ? EDIT -> Found the picture (but need reply to a 🙂 )

Assuming you have the fully assembled OpenSprinkler, you do not need these MOVs — the fully assembled OpenSprinkler has built-in TVS, which are similar to the MOVs.

c ter) How do I know which HW version I have ?

Open a browser, type in the controller’s IP address, and you should see the homepage. The first line of text on the home page specifies the firmware version.

d) I do not understand how to use the Weather button. It does not seem to do anything,

The weather button should open a new page that shows the WUnderground weather report. It doesn’t do anything yet, just to show weather for your information.