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@snewman wrote:

Virtus – Correct; every time a command is received it first closes all valves then opens the desired one. This prevents multiple valves from being opened at a time but presents a challenge when the original valve is ready to turn itself off. I’ll have to come up with some better logic to manage state. (but I’m trying to keep this simple and not run task queues and databases)

That’s good to know – just got my OS RPi today and will begin tinkering with it soon. I had originally planned on using one of the OS valve controllers to activate a relay and simulate a button-push for my garage door openers. It sounds like opening / closing the garage would interrupt any watering programs that might already be running. Now I might have to rethink that and move the relay to one of the Rpi’s GPIO pins and use custom python code to toggle the relay. Anyway, that’s another topic for a another thread. Maybe snewman’s program will handle it better.