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I just installed the OSPi and set my first programs.
I am really impressed with the functionality. That beeing set I ran into 2 little obstacles.
I wanted to set the delay between the start of different stations (options > station handling > station delay) to 30 min.
The reason is that my well does not supply enough water, so after 15min of watering I have to wait a little while for new water to gather. Max. delay time seems to be 240s. Is there a chance to increase that value? (maybe 30*60s=1800?)
Also, the preassure provided by my pump is very low. In order to get some of my rising sprinklers to work properly I have to turn on the pump with all stations closed to build up pressure on the line, and then open one station. The time to do so would be about 2-3min. Under Options > configure master > master on delay there is no possibility to enter negative values. What I would need is a value of maybe -3. Again, would it be possible to allow negative values?
Thank you.