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I realized this morning in the shower how to fix the implementation of the Monthly Adjust to Auto-Program that was previously bogus. It is fixed now – pull a new copy if you want these two plug-ins to work properly together.

For those who want to know what was up: the previous implementation modified the duration of the watering schedule by the monthly adjustment similar to how the manual program mode works. However, Auto-Program is “smarter” than manual mode, and as a result would automatically compensate back the other way, removing the adjustment! Why? Because Auto-Program recalculates the amount needed every day based on the actual watering time + any rainfall. This allows the code to include any manual mode watering, regular programs that you still want to run, etc. in the calculations for the next watering cycle. Subtle, I know, but it shows the power of this method of automation.

But enough about all of that, its fixed now so all is good.