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Thanks Dan – that helps – I somehow missed that section of ospi defining gv.

salbahra, I don’t think is the rain sense bit. I think its the run schedule. = [] #run schedule
for i in range([0,0,0,0]) #scheduled start time, scheduled stop time, duration, program index

I was thinking I might be able to create a program that had a unique duration for each zone by setting[station_id] with start, stop, and duration times, set program index to maybe 98 (to indicate an auto-program) then set bsy=1 and let the controller go.

This way, I avoid messing with the user-created programs (which might be confusing to users).

From what I can see, is the ‘program schedule’ and isn’t used in the OSPi? It looks like it was just for the display of the Arduino version?
UPDATE: Whoops, I was wrong – is used by the web UI – so it is needed.