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We are currently having a summer storm here in Charlotte NC. My OSPi is showing the “Suppressed By Rain Sensor” message.

The trouble is, my irrigation system watered the yard last night at 4:30 AM. The Log says so.

There is no fault. Rather there is a problem with displaying current information on the Home screen whilst prior data is also displayed. The problem here occurs due to the Rain being current and the earlier irrigation program having already run. The fix is simple on paper. Simply paint the period where the rain is detected a different color on the background of the home screen graphical display. Like I said, it’s easy for me to write that but is it going to be worthwhile and/or excessively time consuming trying to code it? It would be a nice feature though.

One other way to do this could be to append the time the rain sensor detected rain to the end of the “RAIN SENSED” message further up the screen.