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@Dan in CA wrote:

eecyclone ,

This could be the same problem Captn Avenger reported. Your reports provides a valuable clue about the possible cause.



Also if it helps, the program preview was not doing this until I updated to 2.0.1. The programs were showing up fine in 2.0.0. My program preview issue with 2.0.0 was with sequencing (if I set programs 1, 2, and 3 to run on the same day, they would all show as running at the same time) However, sequencing in program preview is fixed with 2.0.1. I did a little bit of testing, and when I have the interval set to start in 1, or 2 days, the program preview does not display. It is only able to be previewed when the interval start in setting is set to be starting in 0 days. Let me know if you need me to explain what works and doesn’t work more clearly.