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Thanks for the replys. I missed the reboot capability in the app. I had changed the port # using the web interface and had looked for a reboot capability from there but did not see any. That is when I decided to cycle power. Is it possible reboot from web interface? I do not consider this issue a problem for me presently anyway. I just thought I would see if there might be a problem with this feature as I was not able to make it work.

In another thread I see continued improvements are coming in setting individual station water times within a program (if I understood it properly). This would be a great improvement (and make it behave a bit more like traditional timers) as I have different times on most stations. We have a real water shortage this year in CA and I am trying to taylor each station to provide water at level of plant sustainment and no more. This product is very helpful in achieving this goal.

Thanks for the fast responses and keep up the good work. So far the timer and epansion unit are working well in their daily tasks.