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Wow! I definitely found the forum for me!
Sounds like you guys have hit the ground running!

I recently went through a sprinkler audit provided by the city of Fort Collins (here in Colorado) The lead auditor told me that once your nozzles and system is running efficiently the next step is to move toward a smart controller.

Like many of you I am interested in an even smarter controller. One that will ultimately be proactive, predictive and auto-magical!

I know that here in colorado wind plays a big role in how effective the irrigation system can put water where you want it. It would be nice to see a wind sensor input whereby if windspeed exceeds a certain value averaged for a certain period of time … then Delay or Pause the watering schedule and resume at a later time.

… Its amazing how watering plants has gotten so complicated!

Keep up the good work … I hope to be the proud owner of an OpenSprinker controller soon!