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I have been trying to troubleshoot it and this is what I have so far:

I ran a run once program and set each of the 4 stations for 2 minutes.

Test 1
Station 1: Good
Station 2: Bad – after about 30 seconds is when the text on the display went out
Station 3: Not ran

Test 2
Station 1: Skipped
Station 2: Same results as test one – Bad

Test 3
Station 1: Skipped
Station 2: Skipped
Station 3: Good
Station 4: Good

Test 4
Station 1: Moved wire to station 2
Station 2: Good using wire from station one (possibly a bad solenoid?)
Station 3: Good
Station 4: not ran – I stopped the test

Test 5
Station 1: Failed using wire from station 2

Test 6 (outside)
Station 1 Solenoid disconnected
Station 2 Solenoid Connected to Station 1 wire: Failed after about 1 minute

Test 7
Station 1 Solenoid connected to Station 2 wire: Passed

So after all this work and relocating the router and OpenSprinkler Controller, plus wiring inside the house, it appears to be a bad solenoid causing the Controller to shutdown for some reason. Off to Lowe’s I go. I’ll post up again once I get it replaced and test everything.

For what it’s worth for anyone who may be experiencing this in hot climates, I would go through similar procedures as above before relocating everything inside…unless you were wanting to do that anyhow to protect the electronics from the heat.