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It took a while to get Virtual box and Arduino IDE v0023 running on my windows computer.
Unfortunately the serial com port in the IDE stays grayed out despite all suggestions found on the internet.
I found a work around by compiling with Verify and locate the *.hex file in the tmp directory of the system files directory and upload this *.hex file with avrdude on the way you described how to upload.
Finally I was able to change the line “unsigned long accumulate_time = curr_time + 1”;
at function ‘void schedule_all_stations’ in interval_program.pde with your suggestion to delete the +1.
Unfortunately it did not help.
With a program setting of 0hrs 1 mins sequence and running for 1 min 0 secs in sequential mode the program runs in on mode with a 1sec interruption each minute.
The log however says “ran for 1m0s every minute”.
A similar result in non sequential mode but then with a setting of 0hrs 1 mins sequence and for 0 mins, 59 secs. ( before the modification this was with 0 mins, 58 sec.)
With a setting of 0hrs ,1 mins sequence and running for 1 min, 0 secs the program runs in a sequence of 1 minute on than 1 minute off.
I tried to figure out how you manage the start/stop times in your code but could not quite understand the way you handle this .
Ray, could you check once more if your suggestion was right or that you obtain similar results as I did.