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Hi, sorry to hear that you are having trouble with OpenSprinkler. I just came back from Maker Faire yesterday and have started responding to forum questions.

if I understand it correctly, you have OpenSprinkler connected to a WiFi adapter, which further talks to the router, is this correct? If so, which WiFi adapter are you using? The WiFi signal quality varies, depending on the distance and barriers between the adapter and router. So a non 100% ping rate is not uncommon.

Can you try to connect OpenSprinkler to the router directly via an Ethernet cable and do ping test again? Also, make sure you are not simultaneously access the controller from multiple devices, because the Arduino-based OpenSprinkler isn’t very capable at handling multiple requests at the same time. Just use one browser, or one app to access it at a time.

Which mobile device do you have? iOS? Android? Widows, or someting else? If you are having trouble with the mobile app, you can access the controller directly by opening a browser and type in the IP address of the controller.

Let me know if any of the above suggestions help.