It feels good!

Let me make a note: I was originally having problems turning my solenoid valve off because I had it in the 0 slot labeled master. I figured there was only going to be one solenoid attached to the system to start so I might as well call it master. Each time I went to create a simple 3 minute irrigation run in google calendar labeled ‘master’ it would automatically just kick on as soon as I started running the script. I thought this was weird, especially when it didn’t shut off.

After that, I tried using some common sense and realized I would just try plugging it into slot 1 titled ‘greenhouse 11’. I ran the script, it didn’t turn on before it was supposed to. The system is working flawlessly. The real test is going to be when I finally get this sucker hooked up to the tomato greenhouse at school. I can tell you THE WORST part of this project was not the soldering, editing programs, etc. The worst part was running around trying to find adaptors for a 3/4 inch hose bib to a 1″ solenoid valve which is barbed on one end, BACK to a 3/4″ pipe size that my dose-a-tron fertilizer injector is sized at. Boy. What a pain.

THANKS RAY! You are gonna really make small scale greenhouse growers VERY COMPETITIVE with large business and we thank you for that. I’ll spread the word to everybody I can about how badass this thing is.

Another side note. I have a VERY talented programmer/web designer working with me on this project. We’re going to try and incorporate open sprinkler into a sensor network. You will be able to monitor and irrigate your media based on a ‘root zone’ management strategy. This means a moisture sensor will be embedded into your media (I use rockwool). That sensor will transmit wirelessly “hey, moisture content fell below X, irrigate. Kthx.”