I’ve established an internet connection both wireless and wired on my Raspberry Pi. I have noticed though when I plug in or remove the wifi dongle the entire Pi reboots itself. I’m sure this is a power supply issue as I’ve not attached it to the OSPi board yet to run for it’s power.

I ran into a bunch of initial issues which were solved with apt-get install, update, etc. My problem right now is everytime I try to download the gdata python client from the Rasp Pi, it seems to download a corrupted file or a file containing nothing to unzip or archive. I’ve updated xarchiver and unzip, even installed new unarchiver programs. Nothing.

Also, for some reason the only port that works for video is my RCA port. I tried plugging HDMI into it at school with the high def TVs and it just laughed at me. I’m getting closer and closer to getting this irrigation controller running! Please advise some courses of action.

PS: Ray, I should be getting that other board back out to you on Monday after I get paid Sunday. 😛