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@matt wrote:

Great job to all involved in this project! I have set up a new OSPi and have one last issue with my setup that is causing the scheduled programs not to run. I can run each station manually or run the Run-Once Program without any problem, but the schedule doesn’t seem to be kicking off even though it shows correctly in the Program Preview. I’m not sure what I am missing.

I do not think the problem is related to my mobile front-end. My application does not run any schedules it just relays information between your mobile/desktop to the OpenSprinkler. If programs are not running you need to check the following things:

1) Is the device time correct?
2) Is the program set to start/end at the correct time?
3) Is a rain delay active?
4) Is the interval greater than 0? If the interval is 0 no program will run. If you do not wish to use the interval feature set it to a very large value.
5) If you are still having issues, check the device directly without using my frontend to help discover the problem.

Hope that helps!