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Log file now contains UTC time, and mobile webapp view shows time adjusted according to timezone configured in both apps.

Thanks very much for your efforts! I will keep testing…

Edit: I am still having issues with times, and programmes not triggering, but I am almost certain that this is in the OSPi interval webapp, which seems to have some hard-coded daylight saving conversions and other time calcs I can’t yet follow.

Edit2: There was an element of user error here. I wasn’t setting the ‘interval’ parameter in the programme, which meant it was never triggered. I now see watering programmes being triggered in the interval webapp, and I see voltage where I expect it from the OSPi output. Woohoo!

However, I don’t see any update to the station status in the mobile webapp unless I trigger it manually. Programmes being triggered by schedule do not update the station status in the mobile webapp.