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@salbahra wrote:

Are you using the OSPi version of the OpenSprinkler? If so, the sequence option doesn’t exist and this is what’s throwing the warnings. From my understanding you can safely ignore them because the app will still function fine (notices shouldn’t be displayed to you, if they are your using a very old version of PHP or need to change your php.ini to hide notices).

This is what you need to change in your php.ini to hide the errors:

display_errors = Off


As the discussion on Stack Overflow suggests, bugs should be fixed not suppressed however in this case I am expecting something to be reported and unfortunately it isn’t supported yet. I could write some code to handle that properly but I am hoping it will be fixed on the OSPi side soon and find it redundant to add checking for this particular event.

The very first error you pasted from the View/Change program screen I am not sure about (because your version at this point differs from the latest on Github) however I venture to guess a station is not named or something weird like that. If you could update to latest code and run again let me know.

I installed the latest version, disabled the warnings and it works great. thanks.
is it possible to compile this into an android apps?