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On your blog post ( you mention that you think this should work fine with the Raspberry Pi version of OpenSprinkler as long at the Interval program is installed. I have the Interval program installed but your web app isn’t able to reach it. I dove a little into the code to see if there was anything obvious and it looks like your code is relying on non-user-interface features that may not have been ported to the OSPi version of Interval. For example, when you go to get the station names you’re looking for a pn.js file in Interval:

$stations = file_get_contents(“http://”.$os_ip.”/pn.js”);

It doesn’t appear that exists. Have you looked at this and have it working with a Raspberry Pi OpenSprinkler or were you just hoping all of that got ported?

Thanks for your work so far on the much snazzier interface.