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@sco3tt Thank you for the elaborate workaround and sorry you had to go through that! Turns out I do a very stupid check on authentication, one that rejects anything non-alphanumeric. This check isn’t place when adding a new account. Also, although the authentication accepts multiple accounts your very right, I did not add an option to add multiple accounts. I was lazy and will absolutely add it to the to do list!

I will use your feedback to update the authentication scheme. I will also remove the silly alphanumeric restriction!

I am glad everything is working for you now!

By the way, I have a special version of my web app up now. It requires no install! All it needs is internet access to the OpenSprinkler by opening a port on your router. The app is hosted on and saves the configuration in the browser’s local storage. Since the information is read off the local storage it has no messy authentication to deal with (none needed since all sensitive data is in your browser). Ray plans on blogging about it soon but for anyone eager to try it out it is available here: 😀

The one downside of the hosted web app is the lack of logging. Unfortunately, there is no way to poll data from the OpenSprinkler without saving the password on the server, which I want to avoid for security reasons. Also, I don’t want to poll the OpenSprinkler over the Internet as this would cause a bit of traffic/latency which some user’s can’t afford. However, everything else is the same.

I will maintain both copies of the web app since each one has a particular application depending on the user. So, this is not a replacement but rather another option for users who do not have a Raspberry Pi or another server to host the web application and are okay with the OpenSprinkler having a port forwarded on their router.

If you have any questions feel free to ask, and above all enjoy!

Huge thank you to Ray for hosting the web app!

Edit: I pushed an update on Github for the alphanumeric problem. Complex password should work fine now! Another update will follow to support adding/deleting users.