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Nice work with this webapp. I really appreciate you taking the time to continue updating and sharing your work.

I do have a couple of feature requests…

1) Would it be possible to add logging of the rain sensor status? I think it could integrate nicely with how you have things formatted in the “View Logs” page. You would basically have a heading for Rain Sensor in addition to the existing zones. Data reporting would be the same, i.e. lines for each date, time and duration the Rain Sensor is triggered.

2) How about incorporating long term logging and the addition of a statistics page? What I’m thinking is something like having each zone listed and how long it has run over a given period of time say Weekly, Monthly, or Yearly statistics. This probably isn’t as useful for users who haven’t integrated a rain sensor, but now that I have one 🙂 I want to know the cumulative run time of each zone in my system. Would anyone else find this feature useful?