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I updated my previous post but noticed I did so right after your reply. Thank you for the rapid reply and the solid attempt. I ended up solving it a different way by using the view stations page rather then a specific call to the name data. I hope this resolves it and would love your continued feedback!

Also, I have no specific list but rather a quick scan at the RPi interval program code.

Edit: I am running the OSPi interval program on my Mac now (removed the GPIO dependency) and noticed a lot of differences in how the data is sent (in the head). I am going to try and change my code to better support the RPi but it will take a little while to develop and test. I will post an update once I have completed the required work.

Edit 2: Just to give an example of the varations I will post the OS and RPi versions of the home page. My problem is developing a proper regex to parse either case in one go.



I will hopefully find a solution soon that selects everything between a comma that has an equal sign in it. Then I could use the PHP to split by the = and save the array key as the left side and value as right side. The biggest obstacle in this solution are the arrays which also have commas inside so the regex must select each variable independently. The long and short of all this is, I should have a solution soon however if anyone with more experience knows anything that would help I would appreciate it.