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@salbahra wrote:

@momanz in regards to your first bullet, I don’t think I can poll the OpenSprinkler for rain sensor information directly. I could be wrong though and will look into it.

For the second point I will see what I can do however I would really want to make a more robust logging system before trying something like this. Right now the logging system is based on David’s code posted on Ray’s Github. It works great for what we have now but runs a lot of loops to process the data and doing long term analysis might be difficult. I would have to restructure it completely and honestly I think with Dan’s work on the Raspberry Pi interval program combined with the increased memory allotted on the OpenSprinkler 2.0 I might hold off to see if the OS might help in that transition.

I took a closer look at the code this morning and while I have no skill with programming I think I could follow enough to see the problem. As far as I can tell we only have access to the rain sensor status when querying the complete device settings and the way the current logger works it only monitors each station through the “sn” command. Thanks for looking at this and I certainly can understand the desire to wait and see what the new OS will bring. I only hope some of the new features will extend to the current hardware version.

Thanks again,