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@momanz I just pushed an update that I believe adds what you are looking for. I patched watcher.php to log rain sensor changes (0/1) to the log file. I updated main.php to show the changes below all the stations as Rain Sensor and shows the duration between changes similar to run times for a station. The header displays the total switches from on/off. Please let me know if this works and more importantly if this is what you were after.

I do not think this change will effect current logs however it might. If anyone has issues please let me know.

Edit: I pushed some minor updates to fix undefined offsets and to also make sure “Use Rain Sensor” is enabled before attempting to display any rain sensor log changes. So be sure you have that option enabled if you intend to view changes (which I think is a requirement anyways for the OS to update the rain sensor status).

Preview (ignore dates/times I made them up to test):