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@Oasiz37 Thanks for the suggestions! In regards to your first bullet the OS keeps track of only the very last station run but does not report what program/mode is running each station when polled (using http://OS_IP/sn0) so there is no really good way to grab this data via the API (unless I decide to parse the lrun array every minute and try and make sense of it, which is only updated after the station is off). Plus, I really don’t know the best way to display the data if I had it. The logging system is being pushed to it’s limits IMO and would require an overhaul to add even more features as suggested in this forum (graphs, program/mode of each station run, etc). I managed to stuff the rain sensor log in because it was easy but anything else would be too much at this point.

Also, in regard to your previous request about the interval duration (HH:MM vs MM), I looked into it and could not find a simple solution and have deferred that until something comes up allowing the change.

Update: For your second bullet, I added that feature and pushed it to Github! Page title on any page after the home page will be prefixed by the $webtitle variable in the config. Enjoy!