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@Kevin thanks for the kind words! I agree the documentation needs to be more cohesive. At this point, there is information on Ray’s website on how to get the OpenSprinkler Pi setup, documentation on Ray’s blog on how to install the OSPi interval program, and information on my Github page for the web app installation but it is fragmented and could be useful if it all came together. I think Ray is an excellent blogger and hopefully he will post back here with some more information/guidance.

Just to bring everything into one post, these are the steps to get the OSPi up and running with the interval program and web app:

1) Follow the instruction’s on Ray’s website for general hardware installation (Steps 1-5):
2) Setup the operating system on the RPi by following the quick-start guide (Boot up into Raspbian):
3) Install the OSPi software by following Ray’s blog post:

For the web application you have two choices. You can either install and run the web app from your Raspberry Pi (or your own server) OR you can directly use the web application hosted on Ray’s website. Once you make a decision you will continue to step 4a or 4b. Just to give some information to help make a decision, if your using an OpenSprinkler Pi, 4a might be more useful since you already have the hardware to host your own copy. The other advantage of 4a is logging capability.

Option 4b is better suited for users of OpenSprinkler (not the RPi version) and do not have a computer running 24/7 at home. However, option 4b does require a port to be forwarded on your home router.

4a) Install the web app using Ray’s blog post:


4b) Navigate to my web app hosted on Ray’s website and using your WAN IP you can access your OSPi:

Anyone is welcome to bring this information into an easier to present document and I would love to assist with any questions but I doubt I could draft up clearer documentation than the ones linked above.