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Thanks. I’ve updated and it seems to work correctly (I’m not yet confirmed that the program is executed, but I’m no longer seeing the same error when I try to update a program on the python app that was set to 1439 minutes from the mobile app.

While I’m at it, I’ve got one more bug for you (this one is borderline minutia):
On an iPhone, if I try to change either the “operation” or “manual mode” toggle switch by swiping to the right (rather than just pushing with my finger) it has the slightly annoying habit of taking me into the settings page (as if I swiped to the right elsewhere on the page). In my opinion, you could just do away with the “swipe to get to the settings” feature all together, as there is a button in the top-left corner that works just as well, but that’s just my two sense.

Also: since you were looking for feedback, I really like screenshot you posed for the preview screen. Will there be a way to jump to a day or would I have to scroll forward and backward?