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The preview is looking good. A couple of more questions / suggestions.

1) Would it be possible to auto-hide the URL and search fields on small displays? Many other websites do this automatically to save viewing space on my iphone.
2) Rain sensor logging seems to be working (it rained today). I did notice that while the sensor is active the corresponding log entry has a run time of 0 mins listed. Can you calculate the cumulative rain sensor runtime while the rain sensor detects rain? It seems like the code is only calculating time after the sensor no longer detects rain.
3) On the program preview graph, it would be really slick if each program bar was a hyperlink to the program edit screen for that program. you would probably need a way to keep attempts to zoom or scroll from activating the hyperlink. Perhaps a tap and hold or double tap? Maybe a configuration switch to disable the feature all together (for those who aren’t interested)?

Keep up the great work.