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It’s honestly the only way I have been testing which is why I overlooked the Safari bug. By the way, I pushed some changes to page transitions (removed them) because of all the flickering issues. I think the app behaves a lot better this way. I am also scrolling to the page top on each page change now compared to the prior behavior of using the current scroll position regardless of what page you navigate to.

I also fixed a small bug when changing pages in and out of program previews. The bug displayed a remnant of the timeline from previous view but stripped of data. This is now removed on each page change and refreshed properly. I also added a very nice dialog for confirmations (logout, import configuration, and reboot OpenSprinkler) instead of using the native javascript confirm dialog’s. Other than aesthetic advantages this fixes a bug on iOS where confirm’s (regardless of what choice you made) would trigger again on screen tap.

Edit: Changed a lot of the code today trying to reduce anything causing flickering. Driving me crazy! I also tried to tidy some things up to make it easier to follow the code. Another thing I did was check the calls made to PHP from the javascript against a set of allowed functions (after all we can never trust the user :P). All the changes have been pushed at this point. Let me know if any new bugs have come up!

Edit 2: I just tested on Android and bookmarking to the home screen does indeed properly show the custom icon. For Android you save to bookmarks and on the follow up screen you choose home screen for, the last choice, “Add To”.

Edit 3: Since it appears to be requested a lot I have tested many desktop browsers and fixed some minor bugs across all of them to ensure compatibility. The browser’s that worked well were Chrome 27, Firefox 18, IE 10, and Safari 6. For mobile browsers, I have tested Firefox, Chrome, and Android browser on Android, with no problems. On iOS I have tested Chrome and Safari and both of them render everything correctly.

The only browser with some issues on desktop is Opera. The drop down’s do not render correctly in Opera and the date selection on the page preview is also a bit off looking.