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😀 😀

Terrific! I had just put together my Raspberry PI OpenSprinkler yesterday. This morning I noticed your posts on the forums and that you had just checked in what sounded like a pretty functional build. I think I had your mobile web app running about 10 minutes later on another PI that I use for my weather station.

Putting it on the same PI as the OpenSprinkler took a little more effort, but that was primarily because I was running the interval program on port 80. Switching the interval program to port 8080 and apache to 80 did the trick. (Guess the other way around would work, too.)

A couple minor things that I’ve noticed:

  • On the install screen, the iPhone username field defaults to capitalizing the first letter, but that does not seem to happen on the login screen. I had a little trouble logging in, thinking that I had the wrong password until I realized that apparently usernames are case sensitive.
  • You might want to somewhere note that “Open Sprinkler IP:” could be filled with either ““, “” or “:

Thanks for putting this together. It’s fantastic.