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Things that keeps me awake at night…

Well, having a hard time to sleep I’ve got lots of time to think and last night I merged my PVR system with OSPi. Just in my mind that is! 😆

I’m running a PVR system called MediaPortal with a TV server called ARGUS TV. To make a long story short(er)… ARGUS has the ability to connect to MSN/Skype and you can chat with the system…

ARGUS has it’s own MSN/Skype account and I have it added to my contacts. Whenever a TV recording starts or ends it will text me via MSN/Skype. I can also ask about ‘status’ and it will return the next few upcoming recordings and the current state of the system like if someone is watching live TV or a recording is active. I can also schedule new recordings through this MSN/Skype chat.

Now, merge the above with OSPi and you’ll probably find it to be quite similar in many respects.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could chat with your OSPi, get info when a program is starting or ending and be able to create new programs?

It’s a thought anyway… It’s been almost 20 years since I wrote some code 😯 but I might do something about that, maybe… If anyone else is up for the challange, feel free.

To get a better idea of what you can do, here is a ‘List of commands:’ from ARGUS on MSN/Skype:

List of commands:

● ?,status

● al,alerts [ on | off ]

● ca,cancel

● del,delete schedule

● h,help

● m,more

● not,notifications [ on | off ]

● r,record
{ o,once | d,daily | w,weekly | wd,workingdays | we,weekends | a,anytime } [ new | all ]

(default is all episodes)

● s,search | (start with to search for numbers, e.g. 's 24')

● ch,show channels

● gr,show groups

● g,show guide [day-number]

● up,show upcoming { r,recordings | a,alerts | s,suggestions }

● tv,television | radio

● un,uncancel

EDIT: Looks like there at least is a Python msn lib to use :hint: