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@dman wrote:

You have lots of fans in Australia!!
PS: Yahoo have about 50 codes for snow/rain etc and only one for hot! If they were Aussies it’d be the other way round 😀 (missing ones for very hot, extremely hot and stinkong hot and a few other words!)

Thanks! And in Texas I wish the same thing existed! Pretty darn hot around here.

By the way, the temperature system based on region has been pushed and tested. Seems to be working well, let me know.

I actually have done something like that before but since then I have quit instant messaging completely and stopped caring about things like that. The good news is I am actually in talks with Ray to *MAYBE* bring an XMPP protocol to the OpenSprinkler which would open all of the doors your discussing now. Since that would allow alerts to be pushed out it would just be the web app’s coding that would be left. I know Apple has Safari push notifications now that work even if the browser is closed, for web apps. This is an exciting time and hopefully all this tech comes together correctly to allow us notifications without relying on MSN/AIM.