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@Zapp wrote:

On the About page where? I can’t see any version number…

Sorry for the confusion, I meant for the hosted web application. I mantain two different versions of the same app. One is hosted on Github (the one you use) which is installed on your own server/Raspberry Pi. The other one is hosted by Ray at and only requires an open port to work.

@Zapp wrote:

I don’t know how this (XX:XX remaining) is calculated but it looks like it misbehaves when the rain delay is involved…

My P1 is scheduled to run all zones at 05:00:00, 15 min each. It’s now 15:25:03 and this is the screenshot.

This is a documented problem with the Raspberry Pi software, build date June 22, 2013. Dan pushed an update on June 26, 2013 which should resolve this however I am noticing it still says June 22 inside. If you can, confirm the problem is not just the web app by visiting the normal website and observing the same issue.

@Zapp wrote:

I also think that ‘Last Run’ has some issues with ‘Time Zone’. Looks like it’s not taken into account at all. Mine is GMT +2:00 and the status page says 04:15:41 but it should have been 06:15:41. The Logs page have the correct time!

I think this MIGHT be an issue with the interval program on the Pi, because I do not have this issue with my normal OpenSprinkler. I will try and troubleshoot this and let you know.


Edit: I don’t own a Raspberry Pi or the OpenSprinkler Pi version however I run the software on my server with GPIO disabled. I am expierencing this problem on my test setup and described it here

Edit 2: I notified Dan via the forum post for the interval program. I might take a look at the code and see what I can find.

Edit 3: I made an update to show the currently running commit number on the About page. This should help is further discussions since I have been pushing updates frequently. This will also be the first step in update notifications. I do not plan on forcing or auto-updating but I think it would be nice if a notification showed up telling you there is a newer version!