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Thank you! Okay so I will try and address some things and ask for some more information on others. In regards to the rain sensor bug I will look into it but I am starting to think its time to rewrite logging!

@momanz wrote:

1) I like having current weather displayed on the main screen, but I wonder if there isn’t a better way to do it. The problem is one of wasted space on either side of the Icon / text. On larger displays it’s probably ok, but on a small phone display (or even a larger phone display) it seems like space could be better utilized. I do like the fact that the Program control and System Information Groups fit perfectly on my screen.

I see your point about the wasted space, I think its worse on larger screens and desktops and actually looks pretty nice on mobile. With that said, do you think showing more information abou the device next to the weather would help offset the dead space? If so, what types of things would you like to see? I know something I want to add to the status page is total program duration remaining (something I just figured out I can calculate) but if there is anything in the status page you deem important enough to pull out and show next to the weather on the top let me know. I could even “style” the weather box as a “quick status” view.

@momanz wrote:

2) It seems like the items in the “system control” section may be better placed on a separate page. It’s too easy to hit one of the buttons when swiping up or down. Also, I don’t think there is a need to have quick access to any of these setting. I’ve already accidentally turned off the Operation toggle while swiping. I can easily see my self accidentally hitting one of the toggles and not realizing it. Both will disable automatic operation of the controller.

I agree 100% with this point! They did seem out of place but the darn things stuck with me since my first version and don’t really have a home at this point. They dont fall under status since I label that as an information page. Do you think I should give them their own page or toss them in the side panel?

@momanz wrote:

3) On the program preview screen. I think it would be useful to have arrows on either side of the date to advance the day. I saw that there was some discussion previously on how different browsers handle different date entries in the context of the NaN error, but I don’t think we’ve explicitly requested the arrows to advance the date. Is it even possible? Is that something that others would find useful?

This is a great point! I can very easily add buttons and the best part is that space is not being used anyways. I have toyed with narrowing the date input box but I honestly had nothing to put on the sides so I kept it large, now I do! Thanks for this suggestion expect to see this one very soon!

Thanks for your feedback! I love UI issues because this is something I have little experience dealing with and love to learn!

Update: The preview page has been update with a left/right button to advance the dates forward and backwards. It properly handles month changes as well so it helps get rid of the invalid date issues if you use them. Thanks for the suggestion this is awesome!

Update 2: Doing some thinking and found one idea but needs some fine-tuning. Going to run it here and see what people think. I could turn the homepage into a status page, add a footer with 3 buttons (programs, info, control) and move the appropriate menu’s into each sub page. I think this could make the home page a lot nicer by using icons and other things for the device’s status but would also require some work and a lot of design (which I’m not good at). The only way something like this could happen is if anyone had a true vision of what they think would be best. If this is something you are interested in, sketch up an idea or try and describe it and I can easily implement it. Here is where I am getting this idea from (I obviously don’t mean to copy this but I think the bottom two sections are nicely displayed. Also, I cannot get rain fall data but forecast is no problem.):×480-75.jpg

The other idea is moving the system control into it’s own page and linking it from the side panel. Also, I could just move the 4 options in control into the side panel directly (without their own page).