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@momanz The weather underground API requires a key which can’t be shared by multiple people due to limits which means each person needs to obtain their own, something I want to avoid since it makes installation more complicated.

I want to upgrade to SQL but not just for logging however this introduces a huge headache for current users (or me). Either a nice upgrade script has to be made to transition users or a new install would be required by everyone. Honestly, I am not motivated to write an upgrade script so, for now, SQL migration is on hold along with the logging overhaul.

I am checking the width where the weather is on mobile and I am somewhat constrained. Currently, the content has padding thats equal to the space around the lists on the main page. That leaves me with very little room to add things next to weather on the mobile and as a result is giving me a headache trying to figure out what to add there and how. I thought about showing an icon for system status (check mark or X) but then I would want to make it clickable to switch between the two (which makes accidental clicks even more of a reality). I don’t want to add something for the sake of filling space. I would like it to be functional as well. Most people will know if there system is enabled or not already. Also, program information might be too much to cram up there. I was thinking of putting a transparent overlay on the bottom of the page IF a program was running showing which program (manual, run-once, or ID) along with duration left and scrolling left / right between that and which station is currently active. To see what I mean I am linking a screenshot of Google Shopper on iOS. Notice the location text on the very bottom of the page, that is what I mean as far as location and translucency.×480-75.jpg

I was thinking about moving the system control to it’s own page then adding a link to that page in the side panel however that adds about 3 clicks and page loads for an option that might be important for quick access (stop all stations).

I guess, I am not sure how I want to remedy the situation. I think I am going to take some time to find a clear direction instead of rushing out fixes for these problems that will inevitably be half-baked.

Update: In regard to the rain sensor log issue. I think it is related to the time window. By that I mean, if your window is 7 days and your rain sensor actually turned on 10 days ago. The script will only go back to the 7th day and report that as the timestamp. Each day that passes, will advance the timestamp. This is because the program is ignoring anything not inside the defined window. With stations this was never a problem because I seriously doubt anyone had their station on for longer then their defined window however with the rain sensor this is possible, I think. Let me know if you think this is what is happening. If this is the case, there isn’t much I can do without slowing down the log viewer (other than switching from file to SQL).

Update 2: I have noticed a small issue touching the next/previous day buttons on mobile devices in the preview page. I plan on fixing this soon but wanted to post it in case anyone else notices.