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Haven’t been following the updates for a week – HUGE progress, congrats on a great app.

A few comments, if you don’t mind.

1. (Found the switch, please ignore this one) I’m concerned with automatic rain delay. Is there a way to switch it off? In California, they declare a rain (and a state of emergency) when they able to count both raindrops. Besides, Yahoo shows extremely inaccurate weather anyway (like right now, it say it’s 75F outside with actual heatwave at ~90F).
2. There is no “back” button in rain delay page nor browser history updated so browser back button doesn’t work either (Firefox). The only way to get back is to click “cancel” or “submit” which is different from the rest of navigation.
3. Program Preview – (wow! I can only imagine the effort. Thank you!) – the zoom control overlaps with the program in the right lower corner. If I may suggest, it could be moved to the table’s header, upper-left corner.
4. Unused stations. I have a few, and while OpenSprinkler API doesn’t give you that information, it would be nice to have an ability to mark some stations as “unused” and hide them. Just a thought.

Again – great app and thank you for your hard work!