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Thank you @Oasiz37!

In regard to your concerns:

1) You can absolutely disable it and it comes disabled by default. The only way to enable it is through settings below the primary settings.

2) The rain delay is less a page and more a dialog/popup. I can and probably will add an X button to close the dialog which might help alleviate your concerns.

3) I like your suggestion, I can and probably will move it since the overlap can be annoying. Glad it’s working well though!

4) For this one, I used to hide stations with no name however I realized this could cause problems with the numbering so I disabled that. I don’t really have a good way to implement this right now however I will consider this in future changes.

Thanks again for the support!

Update: By the way, Yahoo is one of the few weather services we don’t need an API key to use. That is why I am using Yahoo (also @andrew contributed working code which made the integration very easy!).

Update 2: Moved the navigation items, they are now below the timeline (can easily be moved from this point but I think this is the best place for now). I also added a mouseover for the weather icon showing the text description.