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The status for all stations now works correctly on the RPi (assuming you applied the fix to the python code, posted here:

The problems I am experiencing now are related to switching manual mode,enable mode, and rain delay because the RPi code submits all the variables each time (and requires them even if not changed…). The problems could also be related to the interval program being based on firmware 1.8.2 which is older than the firmware that this web app was written for.

I will try and find a fix in the python code for this since I do not want to send all the options each time (since the HTTP GET documentation for the interval program says they are optional). I might cross-post this issue to the RPi forum and hope Dan can issue a fix.

I have tested everything else and some of the settings work (all the checkboxes and station renaming), most of the status info shows up properly (except last run time), all of the station status shows up, run once programs work, turning off/on stations in manual mode works, stop all stations works, editing and adding programs is working, and preview programs is working!

We are getting very close at this point just not 100% there.