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That’s actually an awesome feature! Let me look into the best way to do it.

The only problem is the iPhone does not allow any real file manipulation (export/import) but every other browser would. I could also backup to device using localStorage but not sure that is exactly what we are trying to do.

I will do some more research because I do like this idea. I would try to export/backup all the settings not just the programs because that would make recovering from some situations a whole lot easier.

Edit: I have a backup/import already working using localStorage now. The benefits from this are cross-browser compatibility especially on iOS 6 which saves localStorage in a sandbox like a native app. This information is saved to iCloud/iTunes backups and restored from backups. The down side is the data is not user editable/accessible and stuck on the specific device your using. I could send out a file for download but on an iPhone the best this would do is open Safari (would require re-login) and then a manually email file from there. Of course, a file would work perfectly in every other browser but my primary device for this operation is the iPhone. With all that said I will be playing with it a bit further and post my results.