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I’m trying to install the app on a Synology server and I’m running into problems. I’m trying to run the install.php and when I click the “submit” button, I’m getting a pop-up saying “check folder permission and file path”. I understand my setup is a bit not standard, but not by much. Here’s what I have:

1. The server is a really small one and I don’t want to install anything on it unless absolutely necessary. Hence, I’ve downloaded the zip file, instead of using git, and unpacked everything under the “sprinklers” directory.
2. Unfortunately, the install instructions are very… sparse. I can only guess what to do next…
3. I’ve changed every file permission recursively to 777.
4. I’m using VPN to get to home network instead of configuring a redirect on router, this is more secure. Thus, I don’t have a password protection for Open Sprinkler, don’t need to. I wonder what “user” field is, the one I have to specify in install.php. I wonder if it’s not the files permission but the lack of the password for the controller that causes the issue.

Thank you!