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@Oasiz37 The instructions are sparse because this is a work in progress project that I am doing for fun. With that said you did the right thing so far in extracting the files to the web directory. The next thing you need to do is open your browser and navigate to said directory. All you do now is fill in the requested fields and off you go. Since you already changed the permissions for the directory you should have no problems letting PHP generate the config.php and other log files.

The “user” field your referring to, I assume, is the username. The program has an authentication system in place to help prevent unwanted/unauthorized access to your sprinkler system. You can put whatever username / password you want as this is what will be used to log you in.

Not having a password set or using ignore password is NOT a problem for my web app. The file permission error is a very generic “guess” at what could be wrong so don’t go crazy trying to figure that out but again, its the most likely issue (or for some reason PHP can’t write out).

You can try to “install” the web app your self by renaming the provided config example to config.php and filling in the variables there. Then you will need to generate a .htpasswd file in the format described here:

Please let me know if this helps.