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@slobrewer you might have a good point! I really don’t know much about how often the disk would be accessed. I personally use an SSD and am not worried about spin up/down. Maybe I will wait until @Oasiz37 gets back to me about his Synology and we can go from there.

1) In regards to the time zone problem. Just to make sure are you using the newer files or the older ones? Reason I ask is I made some changes to the code, and also to the configuration that would require some hand editing if you were using the old one (mainly changing the config timezone to UTC and removing the old log data). If all of that is done, then let me know and I can look further into the problem.

Edit: I think I am noticing the problems as well now in regards to the time being saved incorrectly. I have some traveling to do tomorrow but when I get some time I will sit down and think this through because the date’s are a mess now, since the recent change. My goal is to eliminate setting a timezone in the web app and in the OpenSprinkler. I feel like we could set it once and use it twice. Obviously, I don’t think I implemented it very well, yet. Hopefully soon though!

2) So, the problem with this bullet is, my preview script interprets the sequential variable from the OS and since the OSPi does not return one, it assumes its checked off and displays the preview in that fashion. This one has been communicated to Dan who ported the interval program to the RPi and told me he would take a look when he got some time (might be a bit though, tied up from my understanding). I might take a look and see if I can solve this because I spoke with Ray about this and I was told sequential option was taken out in 1.7 and returned in 1.8.3. The code base used for OSPi interval program is 1.8.2 so the relation might make it easy to port. I will keep you guys posted on this one.

I will honestly say despite the jargon this app is somewhat easy to deploy if you have any Linux server laying around or use a Raspberry Pi OpenSprinkler. If you need any assistance I would be happy to help and I am sure most of the people who have gotten this working at this point could chime in as well. I have had a range of responses from worked instantly to a lot of work to get it started. So, with some luck, I am sure you could get this running in no time.