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@salbahra wrote:

@Oasiz37 and @Vaughano thank you for the detailed information! Your feedback was invaluable and I was able to hunt down and fix the specific bug. Turned out I wasn’t doing the decimal to binary conversion correctly. That has been fixed now. Please try the new push on Github and let me know if this fixes your problem.

Also, @Vaughano, has the timezone issues been resolved at this point?


Thanks Samer.

I have pulled the latest code but my timezone issue is still there. Basically it looks like the log file has correct local time from the machine, but when displayed in the app’s log page the timezone configured is being applied. Put more simply it seems the mobile webapp is assuming UTC time for its own logs, and adjusting according to timezone configured in the app (correct log behaviour is observed when the timezone offset is set to 0).

Perhaps this a feature, not a bug? A possible work around is to configure UTC timezone in the mobile webapp, and always set programmes to UTC time, but I’m not yet sure of the impact of this workaround on actual programmes sent to the interval webapp.

I will do more testing and report back.


Edit: I should add that my local timezone is one of those weird ones with a half-hour offset (Australia/Adelaide +9.5). May be significant?