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Thanks for the feedback! I noticed the missing bars icon on some browsers and will explore that issue further. As for the weather, I will leave it as is for now. In regard to your preference for the older theme, can you elaborate more. I know you said you miss the divider between the day selectors on the edit programs page but is there anything else? Personally, I really like this theme more especially because of the fonts but also the flatter look (less 3D like buttons). It also seems to take up less space which is great for small screen devices.

I will see what I can do about the divider buttons and the bars icon on the top left of the home page and get back to you.

The other bugs I am looking to fix in regard to the theme are new splash logos (the background of the splash is no longer a gray gradient). I want to fix the loading of the edit programs and add program pages. Right now in order to work with page transitions I had to show the page then render the content which isn’t a perfect method. I want to fix the main page header because IMO it is ugly and can be better. The last bug is related to the current status page timer not stopping when leaving the status page.