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I actually do like the idea about putting it in settings! On second thought though, the settings page is a little clustered at the moment. I still think maybe pulling the web app version (short sha hash) from the background tab and placing it in the header of the about page along with the OS firmware version. My goal is to provide a single place for version information and also to use the version information for debugging purposes. Having a web app that’s hosted vs installed and having OS vs OSPi is starting to make things hard to troubleshoot. If I can place the important information in a consistent location across versions I think that would help greatly in troubleshooting.

Also, the S## notation in program preview is something I do on purpose. The station name can be too long in portrait mode for an iPhone so I abbreviate the station names automatically. It’s not perfect and needs some work potentially but for now it’s better than allowing all 16 characters to show up, using half the screen width.

If you unlock screen rotation on your iPhone and rotate it you’ll notice your station names magically reappear (and rotating back will hide them).


Update: I want to elaborate some on the program preview page. The station name replacement is done using CSS so there isn’t much logic to it however it is FAST. The only logic I have in place is distguishing master station from the normal stations (if you are using one).

The problem with this system is a program preview which only uses S1,3,5 for example. My CSS will label them S1,S2,S3. Hopefully, I can find a way around this however in the meantime I think this system works nicely by fitting everything on the screen.