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More updates!

Today I pushed some much needed updates IMO.

The first thing I want to address is the mobile web app (the one hosted by Ray at I increased some of the timeouts. Also, I fixed some problems specific to this version (forgot to migrate parts of the last few days of commits).

Overall, I added a running clock in the status page. Also, I now show the total program time (added in the total station delay). The status page will also auto update if opened during a station delay now. I also tweaked the about page however the firmware version is still missing but the groundwork has been laid for that.

I also tweaked the timeout for the status header that comes down which should now show up more consistently after a new program has started.

As usual, please let me know if any bugs have cropped up or something needs some tweaking.

Update: Some welcome improvements are coming to the log viewer! Instead of using the timeViewWindow variable (deprecated) I will add a range selector into the app. Also, the app will support outputting the data in JSON (already added) which will allow me to graph the data! The next step (the frontend grapher) will be done using flot (should be out by this weekend). This is the technique used by Richard Zimmerman so huge thanks to him!

I plan on keeping both logging formats, the table version and the graphing version. I will add an option to switch between the two as well as the start/end date selection which will work for both versions.