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@salbahra wrote:

By the way @Zapp I pushed another update for the logging system just let me know if everything is still working for you, thanks!

Yes, it’s still working. For all I can see it’s still the same.

The SprinklerChanges.txt states that S01 started 02:00:01 (that would be GMT time and I have a timezone of +2) then S02-S05 started every 20 minutes after that.

10000000--2013-07-30 02:00:01--0--0
01000000--2013-07-30 02:21:01--0--0
00100000--2013-07-30 02:40:01--0--0
00010000--2013-07-30 03:00:02--0--0
00001000--2013-07-30 03:20:01--0--0
00000000--2013-07-30 03:41:01--0--0

But if I read the graph correctly it says that S01 (the name is different) started at 03:35 isch and ran for about 20 minutes then S02 started and ran for 20 minutes after that there is a sort of a void until 04:50 something when S03 starts. Am I reading this the right way?

Right now I’m in Rain Delay and have not had any zones running since the last update.