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@Avery Good idea. Well the warnings you are receiving are just that. They shouldn’t be preventing the app from functioning.

As for the permissions, you don’t need 777 just anything that allows you to make 3 files (you can also make the files yourself and ensure PHP has the right to modify them). The 3 files are:

– SprinklerChanges.txt (logging file)
– .htpasswd (used for the username/password database, named .htpasswd to help prevent Apache from serving it)
– .cache (used to cache tokens for the rememeber me option)

In order to add a user manually to .htpasswd you can use the following syntax: “user:passwordn”. The user name is just that but the password is hashed using SHA1. Just generate a hashed password and put it in that file. The “n” is just a line return not really needed but could cause problems adding users down the road if a line return is missing.

In order to hash a password you can use the following command:

/usr/bin/php -r "echo base64_encode(sha1('PASSWORD'));"

Hope that helps and please let me know if you need further assistance.